Top Reviews of Coachella

“Gone honeymoon? Seriously? Loser!” terrified festival-goers Snapchatted about the photo-bomb fiasco.

Before shipping to commence, all guests have complained of everything from lost belongings to moldy rolls of toilet paper. J.K. Simmons revealed that headliners Drake and Kanye West were forced to go through “akin to molestation” in total isolation on the main stage at the gate. It’s now looking like an even bigger of nightmare will rise from the ashes.

According to the ‘Vodaphone,’ JetBlue’s spokesperson Jackie Southard revealed that the airline will “dispatch” any remaining itineraries without any reservation detail as it aims to replace them with as many “economy-class seats as possible.”

Gone/Surfing Stan Facebook

Fans were so dissatisfied with the way their plans were handled, they took to social media to pen a letter of complaint.

“Let me be clear. The secret security check your party was subjected to was unbelievably uncalled for and downright offensive, to put it mildly. JetBlue didn’t just catch you…they caught you hanging out at the Sundance with weed. Not even a dollar’s worth at half off. And you can still fly JetBlue until the day you die without even knowing that. Please email JetBlue ASAP and kindly explain what you were smoking with the concert and moshpit attendees,” they wrote.

It seems that even now that the virus has been fixed, some of the initial chaos hasn’t been completely eradicated.

Simmons called a press conference titled “Gone Delayed, Haunted” with plan to take care of any unfinished business.

“They had to call-out everyone, put together these spaceships, all this but they only got like two people there. Can’t really argue with a good YouTube video there,” he said.

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