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dbtribute.org - 50th birthday tribute to the late great Jamaican Reggae artist Dennis Brown, 'Crown Prince of Reggae Music'

Artists and Friends Tributes

Tributes from Radio, Magazines, and Television

Toots and The Maytals

D Brown will always be missed by Me, Toots and all singers, and all who knew him along with his fans around the world.

Sly and Robbie

Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespear Dennis was a great friend and performer we worked in many studios together recording at Channel one,Skin, Flesh and Bones, and Joe Gibbs Studio.

Robbie Shakespear says Dennis, He will be greatly missed.

Sugar Minott and
Daughter Fire Pashon

Sugar Minott and daughter Fire Pashon
My Inspiration, my mentor from 17 yrs old, a good friend mon. D.Brown is gone but not forgotten. He lives in our hearts, soul, and mind. His music lives on forever, inspiring all the people of the world with his sweet sounds. Inseperable, Love always and forever D. Brown

Sugar Minott and Fire Pashon

Lloyd Hemmings
a.k.a Vitamins

After all these things shall come to pass, D. Brown end shall not be near. Even the septar shall not be a part of D. Brown, until Shiloh comes.

Respect my teacher D. Brown
Long live the Prophet

Mikey Dread

I always hail Dennis Brown the best reggae artist of Jamaica ever.
I have voiced this in many interviews and do have a tribute to him.
My respect remains unremoved forever

Benjie Myaz

Total Respect to D. Brown
This is the artist who helped transform the reggae music of the 70's, 80's, and 90's vocally and melodically.
It was an honor to have met him personally. He's gone but will never be forgotten.
Thanks and Respect

Asante Amen

Dennis Brown has been an inspiration to me for many years. His songs of praise and love have always provided comfort and enjoyment for me. Songs such as ‘Revolution’, ‘Promise Land’, and ‘Love Has Found Its Way’ and ‘Handwriting On The Wall’ are just a few of the many DB songs that have moved me and inspired me over the years.
As a singer, he motivates me to do more with my vocals than I may be otherwise inclined to do when delivering a song: whether on-stage or at the studio. The way he held a note, or varied his sound to build crescendo’s and break-downs in a song, or on a riddim that he would sing a song on (that may not have necessarily been built with any bridge or creative instrumental arrangement), are teachings from the Crown Prince I try to apply when faced with a new project.
Dennis Brown lives on through me and through my music. As a Rastafarian, such as DB was, my music articulates the kind of points Dennis had espoused in his music-- albeit not in the same manner as he would have. So Dennis will always be with me and for my part I give thanks for the life and work of Dennis Emmanuel Brown.

Joshua B
Reggae Rhythm Update Podcast

Around 1994, while hosting my college radio show at WERS 88.9 FM in Boston, I had the privilege of interviewing Dennis Emmanuel Brown--one on one--in the broadcast studio. And during the mid to late '90s, I had the opportunity to attend two Dennis Brown concerts. The first was supported by Nardo Ranks and Lloyd Parks' We the People Band and took place at the former SkyCap Plaza, and the other was a Mother's Day event supported by Tinga and Roman Stewart at the Strand Theatre, both in Dorchester, MA. One of the most fondly-remembered experiences in the history of live Reggae music has to be the anticipation that Reggae fans felt knowing that the Crown Prince of Reggae was about to take the stage and open his set with his anthem, "Here I Come." The way he'd smile to the audience, and then shut his eyes and jump up and down for a few steps as he sang, conveyed his love for the music, the stage, and his public.

Sheldon Senior

Dennis Brown, one of the founding giants of Jamaica's reggae movement, leaves a wife and 13 children. He recorded more than 50 solo albums, plus numerous duets and singles. Dennis Brown was Bob Marley's favorite voice, and in my opinion, one of the greatest vocalist of all-time and one of the most talented songwriters that Reggae music have ever and will ever produce. I grew up listening to Dennis Brown music, as you all have, I know.

The hit “To the Promise Land” was one of D. Brown’s anthems that helped me to understand the need to have a strong affinity with the mother land and in doing so, helped me to realize that I have a responsibility to transmit this message through my works. Mr. Brown, "Ever since you've been away, every day is just a cloudy day, but I don't know if it's rain from the sky, tear from my eyes, falling down my face, and rolling down my cheek..." you’re surely missed but your works will LIVE ON in me!!!!.

Sidney Mankind

Greetings.  DBrown he was my mentor in this biz.
If you can remember, I was the one that gave CVM the interview along with Styker Lee that led him to rest at Hero Park. These are the words I said "to the interviewer,
for more than 3 and a half decades He has been singing and teaching the youth. And if he is not a hero, then JA doesn't have no hero. I can safely say Dennis was a friend and brotha I loved very much with the passion.
He is blessed and so is his offspring. May they be blessed.
One love for all mankind.


DBrownnnnnnn,we were very close.
He was one of a kind.  Me, DBrown and Magret Du-Val use to chill in UK and in JA. We use to link up almost daily at Joe Gibbs Studio on Retirement Road with Ruddy Thomas/Errol Thompson and LLoyd Parks/Sly Dunbar of Sly and Robbie


Alain Samba & Anna Fisher
Alain Samba
Anna Fisher

Blessed love to DB fans and family.

Whitney Houston

[Whitney Houston]
Yo, this is Whitney Houston
Yes massive this is the original vocalist
I'd like to say rest in peace to Dennis Brown

From 'Whitney Houston Dub Plate' lyrics
(Wyclef Jean feat. Whitney Houston)

Sammy Dread

At Studio One, his first album 'No Man Is An Island', my favorite song recorded on there was 'If I Follow My Heart'. When I first sang 'African Girl' people said I sounded like Dennis.
He was my favorite singer in those times in Kingston, from front to back, back to front, I knew D Brown's songs. The world loved Dennis. He'd sing 'The World Is Troubled', still relevant today. You're the Crowned Prince of Reggae. You can't have two kings.
Nuff respect our Prince.

Rankin Joe

Rankin Joe
Miss my bredren mon. D Brown. I loved him like my brother. From Joe Gibbs Studio recording our album together Zion I or Round the world, performing at shows together, Dennis will always be remembered and is here in spirit.

one love
Rankin Joe

3rd World Hi-Fi

3rd World & Dennis Brown
The first time I saw Dennis Brown live was in Jamaica at his performance at Carib Theatre. After his performance I said to myself Dennis is going to be a big star... He was very young at the time, and then I later saw Dennis again years later in New York. We met in the 1980's back when I was playing my set Third World Hi-Fi..... We vibed out at the venue.... Dennis Brown is one the greatest in Reggae to ever do it.. Third World Hi-Fi

Lancelot Peart, Lion I Records

Greetings and Blessing Itinually.

My most joyful memory as a twelve year old boy in Jamaica, is seeing Dennis Brown singing on Jamaica television as a reggae star. I was the same age as he was and it made such a profound impact in my life, because at that age was tough time for me. I was chasing sugar cane trucks while walking home after school just to get something to eat from been hungry most of the day.   Seeing Dennis Brown on tv, instead of Tom Jones and Dean Martin etc., gave me all the hope I needed.  I will do my part to make sure we do not forget who is the true Prince of Reggae, so his memory lives on forever.  Jah will bless you forever for all the joy to so many souls, for so many people...

R.I.P. Everbless, Rastafari love...

Flip selector Fatman Sound. also of FATMAN RECORDS based in London, England

DENNIS BROWN the irreplaceable, and unique sounding artist with a catalogue of songs that people of all colours and ages can relate to.  Few artists can come close, but most of his material remains uncoverable, which is cool. Works of art, should never be covered or copied, just respected and admired. Dennis Brown is one of Reggae music's works of art...

Contact FATMAN on 07939 802 518
or email FATMAN Sound at


Erica Lewis

What an honor it was to meet D. Brown and take photos with him.
My name is Erica Lewis Host of Reggae Revolution Show on KDHX fm 88.1 in St Louis.,MO
I have loved the crown prince of Reggae since I first heard the song 'Sitting and Watching' playing on the stereo at my aunts house many yrs ago.  From that moment he was my favorite reggae singer.  Since 92' I have had the pleasure and honor to play D. Brown's music for reggae airwaves. His music is everlasting. There are too many songs but my favorite classic partial to is 'Revolution', and 'Here I come'.  My new fav artist is Luciano, who sounds just like D. E. Brown with his new song 'Tribute to Dennis Brown' on Lion I Records label, a wonderful tribute.
Long live the one and only Dennis E. Brown
'Nuff love and respect.

Empress Erica Lewis KDHX 88.1FM ST Louis.MO.

Ricky Husbands

Big up Dennis Brown forever. I remember him when he came to Salvador Bahia we had a short but memorable time. Someone who met him never forget him because his vibration was pure and true.

one love to the family.


Dennis Brown was and always will be one of my favorite artists of all time. 'Nuff respect for setting up this page and tribute.
I'm wishing you much success.
One love and much honor to the memory of the Crowned Prince.
He's the king, if you ask me, but you know what I'm saying.

Ras Maga Man

For the love for the life of our ancestors
blessings always


Good vibes
D.Brown with classic style

Little Girls

Who's Dennis Brown? A reggae legend. Us girls must represent the future.

Skanic Kids

Nuff respect to Dennis Brown from all generations

Tanto Irie

Give Thanks to jah,
for this lifetime knowing someone like Dennis Emanuel Brown.
Give thanks for what you are doing, we must remember him.
Thanks for taking the time to do this. We would love to do a radio show.

Hollywood, Florida
Radio Reggaerunnings Hot105

Andy Baron + Concrete Johnsons

D.Brown is my favorite singer and always has been
long live his memory

Carl Henry III

Tribute Song #2: "You're The One"

Dennis was a very good friend of mine. Those were the days I should say. We used to hang out, in the studios from morning till night. We used to shows in a place in Jamaica called Linstead. I remember when he did “No Man Is An Island” for the very first time. I knew when he asked me what I think, I told him it was a hit, but he just kept on trucking—sky was the limit for Dennis Brown.
He was a great influence to me. He always encouraged me. We had great times with the group, at that time called Soul Defenders. Soul Defenders was one of Studio One’s Bands—and, of course, the great Satellites with Jackie Mitu. Wow! They loved Dennis Brown--not to mention Freddie McGregor, and Clive Hunt, and of course Niney who did a lot for Dennis, and Bunny lee. These people did a lot for Dennis, but never get mentioned—also Joe Gibbs, also the late and great Errol Thompson. Can’t forget the shows we did in Atlanta, just to name a few.
When I was down, Dennis always had encouraging words for me. He always say to me: “Hey Carl, just no watch them Man, just gwan and no watch nobody. You soon get through Man. When you get through, you not gonna even realize it. Just keep on pushing.” Dennis Brown, The Crown Prince, I would like to dedicate this song to him, with maximum respect… You were the greatest, Jah bless your soul. This song is for you. Jah.

Cherine Anderson
Peter Gayle

Cherine Anderson and Peter Gayle we have not found another voice compared to DBrown. its hard to perform his songs live, they are so uniquely his. even the most technical singers find it hard to capture Dennis Brown essence. His legacy lives on for ever.

Much respect

Cherine Anderson and Peter Gayle


Do you know what it means to have a 'REVOLUTION'? That song is my favorite. It's well written and well sung melody. Everything wicked pon da sound deh hear that I grow up with that song and its meaning...(that's why I am now a revolutionist). I wish some of today's artists would take a minute and let their vocals be analog (less effect) like the teacher Dennis Emanuel Brown, 'the Crown Prince', did to set the pace.
Thanks a billion for helping to spread the message and OUR music far and wide. REGGAE, as it's said daily, it's Impossible for Emanuel to die.

Live More life, immortality...

Pato Banton

Pato Banton
My first experience and only with Dennis was in a tour bus with Black Uhuru on a European tour in 97. I was so impressed with his humility, as a warm person and great sense of humor, I'm a big fan of his body of work, his voice, and message. I will always treasure memories of that meeting, knowing him. I look forward to us meeting again later.

Cory Brown

Ya big ups to Mr D. Brown himself. you have allowed me to be a messenjah, a positive speaker, singer, writer to uplift the children, myself and others.
D. Brown your music lives on!

1 luv Cory Brown a.k.a. C.Brown in Canada


I don't remember the first tune I heard from Mr. Dennis Brown (DB). Growing up in Trinidad, it is hard to pin-point when you hear any of the music/songs from the Caribbean for the first time. I remember the radio being always on and you will hear everything. DB like many other artists of that era, was on steady rotation. By far, I believe most folks remember "Hear I Come" as THE tune, but for me it was his candor, tonality and crooning that spawned the Lovers Rock vibe that is sprinkled generously over most of his repertoire. Going to re-visit that vibe in "Love Light" and offer my take soon soon.

Delroy (Speedy) Sterling

Crowned Prince of Reggae DBrown respect is due all the way .
All radio dj respect the artist as for me i played Dennis songs allot on my shows in
Toronto Ca mix supreme
105.5 fm
more joy and blessings

Delroy (Speedy) Sterling

El Fata
Singer of Bamjimba Band

I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. I left in 96' for the Ivory Coast where I discovered D Brown.
The track I heard was 'Money in Your Pocket'.
I heard this track but did not know the singer, but because I loved his sweet vocals and melody I decided to find out and discovered D Brown to the fullness.
I love every vocal music of his albums so I bought more, discovered tracks 'The Promised Land' and 'Your Love's Got a Hold on Me' etc.   Since I know D Brown now he's been a source of inspiration for me.
As a singer, although he's gone to the promised land, his music and name remains.

Legacy Ganja Mexican Reggae

Jah lives!!!!!!!!!! Greeting from Mexico
Maximum respect and admiration for DBrown
Blessings and positive vibrations for the family
You were the amazing singer.

Ken Bob

Greetimgs in the name of to H.I.M
D. Brown was my brother and still is every year
I perform for his earth day celebration in California
Peace KenBob

Ras Obi

Dennis Emmanuel Brown
Greetings King Man
Your sound still wear de crown
Good things dont last
But memories do
Now Your gone
What we gwen do?
Money in mi pocket
and I still can't get no Love
Dennis!! Blessed Love

Stay Blessed Now and Always
Under The Banner Of The Lord Almighty
King of Kings Lord of Lords,
Conquering Lion Of Judah!!
One Love

Rob Symeonn

I heard him in the 80's growing up in the yard of Ja. Within his phrasing and songwriting he influenced me in Reggae as a singer "Love Jah" is my favorite D. Brown tune. Nuff respect to him and his family, and he will be remembered and respected among all singers around the world.

Blessed DBrown

Ian Watson

Dennis Brown is indeed the Crown Prince of reggae and his rich earnest vocal stylings permeate its very fabric. Through the years many of his songs have proven to be anthems in the soundtrack of my life. Songs like "So long Rastafari call You," "Promised Land," and the inimitable "Revolution" have reverberated in my soul and provided inspiration to face daily challenges. I never met the man personally and the last time I saw him was just briefly at Music Works Studio after one of my recording sessions in June 1995. His vocal style has evidently influenced the like of Frankie Paul, Luciano, Mikey Spice and many more to come.

Thank you for visiting

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